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National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (UK). The Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer (Update). Cardiff (UK): National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (UK); 2011 Apr. (NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 121.)

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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer (Update).

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Appendix 2Summary of the 7th edition of the TNM staging system in comparison with the 6th edition

6th edition7th Edition
Stage modifiedNew stageDescriptor
T1T1amaximum dimension ≤2 cm maximum
T1bdimension 2-3 cm
T2T2amaximum dimension 3-5 cm
T2bmaximum dimension 5-7 cm
T3maximum dimension >7 cm
T4T3additional nodule in same lobe
M1T4additional nodule in ipsilateral different lobe
M1M1aadditional nodules in contralateral lung
M1M1aipsilateral pleural effusion

Surgical stage groupings in 7th TNM classification

Stage GroupTNM
Stage 0TisN0M0
Stage IAT1a, bN0M0
Stage IBT2aN0M0
Stage IIAT1a, bN1M0
Stage IIBT2bN1M0
Stage IIIAT1, T2N2M0
T3N1, N2M0
T4N0, N1M0
Stage IIIBT4N2M0
Any TN3M0
Stage IVAny TAny NM1a, b
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