TABLE 2-1Results of primate exposures to smallpox virus

MK#Sexkginocstrainrouteintended doseDay death
C099M7.25/31/2001VAR HarperAerosol + IV10ˆ9
C625M6.55/31/2001VAR HarperAerosol + IV10ˆ94
C681M8.55/31/2001VAR HarperAerosol + IV10ˆ94
C881M5.55/31/2001VAR HarperAerosol + IV10ˆ96
C171M5.56/1/2001VAR 7124Aerosol + IV10ˆ93
C651M6.96/1/2001VAR 7124Aerosol + IV10ˆ94
C115M76/1/2001VAR 7124Aerosol + IV10ˆ93
C713M4.96/1/2001VAR 7124Aerosol + IV10ˆ913
C373M4.67/6/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ94
C088F4.17/6/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ93
C437M3.97/6/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ96
C956M3.97/6/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ94
C083M8.48/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ9
C003M6.28/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ910
57-394F3.28/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ8
 C271M7.28/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ8
 C282F68/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ8
 C835M4.38/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ7
57-245F3.58/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ7
 C677M68/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ7
 C382F58/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ6
 C409M4.98/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ6
 48-48F3.38/24/2001VAR 7124IV10ˆ6

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Biological Threats and Terrorism: Assessing The Science and Response Capabilities: Workshop Summary.
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