Table I-2Outcome measure: morbidity

StudyLocationGeneral settingSpecific settingDurationSourceObjectiveRelationResponseFormatModeQuality
Ansari et al., 20038USAVAOutpatient1 yearLocalPharmacology
Chronic disease management
SyncNR, unclearIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Brier et al., 20109USANRNR8 moLocalPharmacologyAsyncNR, unclearStandaloneNRFair
Cavalcanti et al., 200910BrazilAcademic and CommunityInpatient18 moLocalPharmacologySyncNRStandaloneNRFair
Gilutz et al., 200911EuropeCommunityOutpatient6 to 36 moLocalPharmacology
Chronic disease management
NR, not clearly describedNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Poor
Graumlich et al., 200912USAAcademicInpatient26 moLocalDischarge planningSyncNR, unclearStandaloneNRGood
Hamilton et al., 200413USA
AcademicInpatient, Long-term care facility25 moLocalDiagnosisSyncNo responseStandaloneUser (pull)Fair
Heidenreich et al., 200714USAVAAcademic and community4.5 yearsLocalPharmacologySyncNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Holt et al., 200615 and Holt et al., 201016EuropeCommunityOutpatient24 moComDiagnosis
Sync and asyncNoncommittal ackIntegratedSystem (push)Fair
Khan et al., 20101 and Maclean et al., 20092USACommunityOutpatientNRLocalChronic disease managementAsyncNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Kline et al., 20093USAAcademicED2 yearsLocalDiagnosisSyncNo responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Kucher et al., 200517USAAcademicInpatient40 moLocalPreventiveSyncMandatoryIntegratedSystem (push)Good
McCowan et al., 200118EuropeCommunityOutpatientNRLocalChronic disease managementSyncNR, assume no responseStandaloneUser (pull)Fair
McDonald et al., 198419USAAcademicOutpatient2 yearsLocalImmunization
Lab test ordering
Chronic disease management
SyncNoncommittal ackPaperSystem (push)Good
McDonald et al., 199220USAAcademicOutpatient3 yearsLocalImmunizationAsyncNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Murray et al., 200421USAAcademicOutpatient1 yearLocalChronic disease managementSyncNoncommittal ackIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Paul et al., 20066Germany
AcademicInpatient7 moLocalDiagnosis
SyncNo responseStandaloneSystem (push)Good
Roumie et al., 200622USAAcademic and CommunityOutpatient6 moLocalPharmacologyNot clearly definedNR, assume no responseIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Sequist et al., 200923USACommunityOutpatient15 moComLab test orderingSyncMandatoryIntegratedSystem (push)Fair
Subramanian et al., 200424USAVAOutpatient1 yearLocalChronic disease managementSyncNo responsePaperSystem (push)Fair
Tierney et al., 200325USAAcademicOutpatient28 moLocalChronic disease managementSyncNoncommittal ackIntegrated, PaperSystem (push)Good
Tierney et al., 200526USAAcademicOutpatient28 moLocalChronic disease managementSyncNR, unclearIntegratedSystem (push)Poor
Zanetti et al., 200327USAAcademicInpatient3 moLocalPharmacologySyncMandatoryIntegrated,System (push)Good

Abbreviations: ack = acknowledgment, com = commercial, ED = emergency department, mo = month/months, NR = not reported, sync = synchronous, VA = Veterans Administration, wk = week/weeks

From: Appendix I, Summary Tables for Key Question 3

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