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Table I-15Outcome measure: health care provider satisfaction

StudyLocationGeneral settingSpecific settingDurationSourceObjectiveRelationResponseFormatModeQuality
Alper et al., 2005138USA
NRNR3 moComAnswering specific clinical questionsSync and asyncMandatoryOnlineUser (pull)Fair
Apkon et al., 200532USACommunityOutpatientNRComDiagnosis Chronic disease management PreventiveSyncNo responseIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Bird et al., 1990142USAAcademicOutpatient9 moLocalPreventiveSyncNo responsePaperSystem (push)Poor
Co et al., 201097USACommunityOutpatient6 moLocalDiagnosis Chronic disease managementSyncJustificationIntegratedSystem (push)Fair
Del Fiol et al., 2008139USACommunityOutpatient6 moLocalOtherSyncNo responseIntegratedUser (pull)Fair
Emery et al., 200774EuropeCommunityOutpatient12 moComReferral for genetic counselingSyncNR, assume no responseNR/UnclearNRFair
Fortuna et al., 2009104USAAcademic and CommunityOutpatient12 moComPharmacologySyncMandatoryIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Graumlich et al., 2009USAAcademicInpatient26 moLocalDischarge planningSyncNR, unclearStandaloneNRGood
Heidenreich et al., 200714USAVAAcademic and community4.5 yearsLocalPharmacologySyncNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Martens et al., 2006111 and Martens et al., 2007112EuropeAcademic and CommunityOutpatientNRLocalPharmacologySyncNR unclearIntegratedSystem (push)Fair
Maviglia et al., 2006151USAAcademicOutpatient12 moLocalPharmacologySyncNo responseIntegratedUser (pull)Good
McCowan et al., 200118EuropeCommunityOutpatientNRLocalChronic disease managementSyncNR, assume non responseStandaloneUser (pull)Fair
Sequist et al., 200566USAAcademic and CommunityOutpatient6 moLocalPharmacology PreventiveSyncNo responseIntegrated, PaperSystem (push)Poor
Sequist et al., 200923USACommunityOutpatient15 moComLab test ordering PreventiveSyncMandatoryIntegratedSystem (push)Fair
Smith et al., 2008124USACommunityOutpatient30 moLocalPharmacologySyncMandatoryOnlineSystem (push)Good
Sundaram et al., 2009154USAVAOutpatient9 moLocalLab test orderingSyncJustificationIntegratedSystem (push)Good
Vissers et al., 1995134 and Vissers et al., 1996135EuropeAcademicED7 moNR, not clearly describedDiagnosis General referenceSync and asyncMandatoryPaperUser (pull)Good
Weir et al., 2003136NRAcademic and communityAcademic and community6 moNR, not clearly describedPharmacologyAsyncNR, assume no responsePaperSystem (push)Good
Wilson et al., 200694EuropeCommunityOutpatient8 moLocalInitiating discussion Providing information to GPSyncNR unclearNR, not clearly describedUser (pull)Poor

Abbreviations: ack = acknowledgment, async = asynchronous, com = commercial, ED = emergency department, GP = general practitioner, mo = month/months, NR = not reported, sync = synchronous, VA = Veterans Administration, wk = week/weeks

From: Appendix I, Summary Tables for Key Question 3

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