Table 11. Source Information (File = MRSAB.RRF)

FieldFull NameDescription
VCUICUICUI of the versioned SRC concept for a source
RCUIRoot CUICUI of the root SRC concept for a source
VSABVersioned Source AbbreviationThe versioned source abbreviation for a source, e.g., MSH2003_2002_10_24
RSABRoot Source AbbreviationThe root source abbreviation for a source e.g., MSH
SONOfficial NameThe official name for a source
SFSource FamilyThe source family for a source
SVERVersionThe source version, e.g., 2001
VSTARTMeta Start DateThe date a source became active, e.g., 2001_04_03
VENDMeta End DateThe date a source ceased to be active, e.g., 2001_05_10
IMETAMeta Insert VersionThe version of the Metathesaurus in which a source first appeared, e.g., 2001AB
RMETAMeta Remove VersionThe version of the Metathesaurus in which the source last appeared, e.g., 2001AC
SLCSource License ContactThe source license contact information
SCCSource Content ContactThe source content contact information
SRLSource Restriction Level0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 - explained in the License Agreement
TFRTerm FrequencyThe number of terms for this source in MRCONSO.RRF,  e.g., 12343
CFRCUI FrequencyThe number of CUIs associated with this source,  e.g., 10234
CXTYContext TypeThe type of contexts for this source. Values are FULL, FULL-MULTIPLE, FULL-NOSIB, FULL-NOSIB-MULTIPLE, FULL-MULTIPLE-NOSIB-RELA, null.
TTYLTerm Type ListTerm type list from source, e.g., MH, EN, PM, TQ
ATNLAttribute Name ListThe attribute name list (from MRSAT.RRF), e.g., MUI, RN, TH
LATLanguageThe language of the terms in the source
CENCCharacter EncodingAll UMLS content is provided in Unicode, encoded in UTF-8.

MetamorphoSys will allow exclusion of extended characters with some loss of information. Transliteration to other character encodings is possible but not supported buy NLM; for further information, see http://www​
CURVERCurrent VersionA Y or N flag indicating whether or not this row corresponds to the current version of the named source
SABINSource in SubsetA Y or N flag indicating whether or not this row is represented in the current MetamorphoSys subset.  Initially always Y where CURVER is Y, but later is recomputed by MetamorphoSys.
SSNSource Short NameThe short name of a source as used by the UMLS Terminology Services
SCITSource CitationFor sources released in 2010AA and later, the citation field contains the following semi-colon-separated subfields: Author name(s), Personal author address, Organization author(s), Title, Content Designator, Medium Designator, Edition, Place of Pub., Publisher, Date of pub. or copyright, Date of revision, Location, Extent, Series, Avail. Statement (URL), Language, Notes.

The citation field for sources released prior to 2010AA will be updated as resources permit.

From: 3, Metathesaurus - Rich Release Format (RRF)

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