Table 13. Retired CUI Mapping (File = MRCUI.RRF)

CUI1Unique identifier for first concept - Retired CUI - was present in some prior release, but is currently missing
VERThe last release version in which CUI1 was a valid CUI
RELARelationship attribute
MAPREASONReason for mapping
CUI2Unique identifier for second concept - the current CUI that CUI1 most closely maps to
MAPINIs this map in current subset? Values of Y, N, or null. MetamorphoSys generates the Y or N to indicate whether the CUI2 concept is or is not present in the subset. The null value is for rows where the CUI1 was not present to begin with (i.e., REL=DEL).

From: 3, Metathesaurus - Rich Release Format (RRF)

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