Transportation Research Board 2006 Executive Committee*

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Chair: MICHAEL D. MEYER,School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Vice Chair: LINDA S. WATSON,LYNX–Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, Orlando

Executive Director: ROBERT E. SKINNER, JR.,Transportation Research Board

MICHAEL W. BEHRENS, Texas Department of Transportation, Austin

ALLEN D. BIEHLER,Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Harrisburg

JOHN D. BOWE,APL Americas, Oakland, California

LARRY L. BROWN, SR.,Mississippi Department of Transportation, Jackson

DEBORAH H. BUTLER,Customer Service, Norfolk Southern Corporation and Subsidiaries, Atlanta

ANNE P. CANBY,Surface Transportation Policy Project, Washington, DC

DOUGLAS G. DUNCAN,FedEx Freight, Memphis, Tennessee

NICHOLAS J. GARBER,Department of Civil Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

ANGELA GITTENS,Airport Business Services, HNTB Corporation, Miami

GENEVIEVE GIULIANO,School of Policy, Planning, and Development, and METRANS National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

SUSAN HANSON,Graduate School of Geography, Clark University

JAMES R. HERTWIG,CSX Intermodal, Jacksonville, Florida

GLORIA J. JEFF,City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, California

ADIB K. KANAFANI,Department of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

HAROLD E. LINNENKOHL,Georgia Department of Transportation, Atlanta

SUE MCNEIL,Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark

DEBRA L. MILLER,Kansas Department of Transportation, Topeka

MICHAEL R. MORRIS,North Central Texas Council of Governments, Arlington

CAROL A. MURRAY,New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Concord

JOHN R. NJORD,Utah Department of Transportation, Salt Lake City (Past Chair, 2005)

PETE K. RAHN,Missouri Department of Transportation, Jefferson City

SANDRA ROSENBLOOM,School of Planning, University of Arizona, Tucson

HENRY GERARD SCHWARTZ, JR.,Washington University, St. Louis

MICHAEL S. TOWNES,Hampton Roads Transit, Virginia (Past Chair, 2004)

C. MICHAEL WALTON,Department of Civil Engineering, University of Texas, Austin



Membership as of August 2006.