Table 9Characteristics of included FDT 30-2 perimetry studies

StudyPopulationsDevicesReference Standard
Hong60 2007aHealthy Controls (IOP ≤21)
FDT 30-2Visual field testing, Optic nerve assessment
Hong83 2007bHealthy Controls (IOP ≤21)
GDx-VCC, FDT 30-2, Stratus OCT, RNFL photographsClinical exam, Visual field testing

FDT = frequency doubling technology; GDx = glaucoma diagnosis; IOP = intraocular pressure; OCT = optical coherence tomography; RNFL = retinal nerve fiber layer; VCC = variable corneal compensation

From: Results

Cover of Screening for Glaucoma: Comparative Effectiveness
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Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 59.
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