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Kane RL, Guise JM, Hartman K, et al. Presentation of Future Research Needs [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2012 Apr. (Methods Future Research Needs Reports, No. 9.)

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Presentation of Future Research Needs [Internet].

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A workgroup, with representation across five EPCs currently engaged in FRN work, undertook the task to develop guidance in this area. The workgroup developed drafts and discussed them via conference calls.

To evaluate variation and to identify exemplars, we reviewed the initial set of FRN pilot reports8, 9, 1116 to assess how the research needs were presented. We also reviewed methods papers from the Tufts EPC10 on defining an optimal framework for presenting research needs, based on systematic review and expert input, and the RTI EPC report17 on the advantages and disadvantages of different study designs for FRN. The workgroup also scanned relevant sections of panel statements produced by National Institutes of Health (NIH) Consensus Development Conferences,1822 to assess their level of detail and scope. Other relevant material included an EPC report on the development of a framework for the identification of gaps from systematic reviews.5, 23 Lastly, the workgroup reviewed current content guidance for FRN documents, which were initially revised in response to methods work by EPCs in future research needs and consensus by EPCs at the November 2010 EPC meeting.

The workgroup conducted a series of teleconferences to identify preferred strategies and discuss lessons learned. Drafts were reviewed by all members.

The group solicited EPC input from the other EPCs at the May 2011 EPC meeting.

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