FIGURE 1.8. (See color insert.


(See color insert.) Confocal images of a somatosensory SIV neuron (red) contacted by boutons that originated in auditory FAES (green). A three-dimensional rendering of a trimmed confocal stack containing a calretinin-positive SIV neuron (red; scale bar, 10 μm) that was contacted by two axons (green) labeled from auditory area FAES. Each of the axo-dendritic points of contact are enlarged on the right (white arrows; scale bar, 1.0 μm) to reveal the putative bouton swelling. (From Keniston, L.P. et al., Exp. Brain Res., 202, 725–731, 2010. With permission.)

From: Chapter 1, Structural Basis of Multisensory Processing

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