FIGURE 30.2. MPI Tracking Laboratory.


MPI Tracking Laboratory. This fully tracked, free-walking space is 12 × 12 m in size. In this space, participants’ position and orientation are tracked using an optical tracking system (16 Vicon MX13 cameras) through monitoring of reflective markers. Information about a participant’s position and orientation is sent from optical trackers, via a wireless connection, to a backpack-mounted laptop worn by participant. This system can therefore be used to both update the visual environment as a function of participants’ own movements (i.e., in HMD as shown here) and to capture different movement parameters. With this setup, it is also possible to track two or more observers and thus allows for multiuser interactions within a VE. (Photo courtesy of Manfred Zentsch.)

From: Chapter 30, Multimodal Integration during Self-Motion in Virtual Reality

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