TABLE 16.1

TRP Channels Regulated by Osmomechanical Stresses

SpeciesTRP ChannelFamily SubtypeActivation by Osmo- and Mechanical Stresses
Caenorhabditis elegans   
 OSM-9TRPVOsmolality (hyper), touch
 OCR-2TRPVOsmolality (hyper), touch
 NANTRPVOsmolality (hypo), stretch
 IAVTRPVOsmolality (hypo), stretch
 TRPV1TRPVOsmolality (hyper), stretch
 TRPV2TRPVOsmolality (hypo), stretch, shear stress
 TRPV4TRPVOsmolality (hypo), shear stress
 TRPC1TRPCOsmolality (hypo), stretch
 TRPP2TRPPOsmolality (hypo), stretch
 TRPP3TRPPOsmolality (hypo)
 TRPM3TRPMOsmolality (hypo)
 TRPM7TRPMOsmolality (hypo), stretch, shear stress

From: Chapter 16, Regulation of TRP Channels by Osmomechanical Stress

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