FIGURE 17.2. (a) Activation for the experimental odor (EO) in the amygdala.


(a) Activation for the experimental odor (EO) in the amygdala. The positive activation difference for the comparison EO vs. EV+CO+CV is shown. EO = experimental odor; EV = experimental visual; CO = control odor; CV = control visual. The slice shown is at Z = –16 mm inferior to anterior commissure (AC). The maximum intensity difference of 1.65 (MR units) appeared at 14, 8, –16, relative to the AC, corresponding to left hemisphere Brodmann areas 28 and 34. (From Neuropsychologia, 42, Herz, R.S. et al. Neuroimaging evidence for the emotional potency of odor-evoked memory, 371–78, Copyright 2004, with permission from Elsevier.) (b) Mean emotion ratings given during memory elicitation to each stimulus.

From: Chapter 17, Perfume

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