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Skerman VBD, McGowan V, Sneath PHA, editors. Approved Lists of Bacterial Names (Amended). Washington (DC): ASM Press; 1989.

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Approved Lists of Bacterial Names (Amended).

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The Approved Lists of Bacterial Names was published in the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (IJSB 30: 225–420, 1980) and reprinted in book form to provide for the requirements of the Bacteriological Code (1976 Revision) in initiating a new starting date for bacterial nomenclature, 1 January 1980. Despite every care, errors in the text have been detected and these errors have now been corrected in this Amended Edition. The status of the names listed and the limitations applied to them are explained in the original in the Section dealing with "Specific Information relating to the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names" (IJSB 30:228, 1980) where emphasis was placed on 1) the nomenclatural status of all names in the Lists (Item 6, p. 229), 2) the reuse and revival of names (Item 8, p. 229–230) and 3) the correction of errors in information on names included in the Approved Lists (Item 9, p. 230). Item 9 (p. 230) also emphasised that no name would be added to or removed from the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names.

Action on Names Included in the Approved Lists

Subsequent to the publication of the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names actions related to the names in the Approved Lists have fallen into two categories.

  1. Correction of errors in the information. Errors communicated to the ICSB have been assessed by Professor P.H.A. Sneath and his associates and most of these have been published in the IJSB 34: 508–511, 1984.
  2. Changes in Nomenclatural Status of names in the Approved Lists. As indicated in Item 6 (IJSB 30:229, 1980) no names included in the Lists were initially conserved. However these names could be later "conserved, rejected, merged with other names or subjected to any valid nomenclatural act".

Proposals for conservation or rejection of names included in the Approved Lists are subject to decisions of the Judicial Commission. While some names may be conserved and others rejected the decisions of the Judicial Commission will not affect the original listing in the Approved Lists. They will simply define the status of the names for future reference in nomenclature.

New combinations (or new subdivisions) of names in the Approved Lists will constitute new names with new authorities as described below.

Action on Names Not in the Approved Lists

Under the Code of Nomenclature (Rule 28a) authors who choose to revive or reuse a name not included in the Approved Lists become the authorities for the revived names or reused names and, in this sense, each revived name or reused name is a new name and is not reinstated in the Approved Lists.

Validation of New Names

New names here refers to names arising from revision of status of names in the Approved Lists, revival or reuse of names not included in the Approved Lists and names of newly created taxa.

The Bacteriological Code provides for the future validation of new names of bacteria. If papers are accepted for publication in the IJSB the names contained therein are automatically validated from the date of publication. If published elsewhere copies of the papers have to be submitted to the ICSB. If they meet the requirements of the rules of nomenclature the new names are validated by publication in Validation Lists in the IJSB. The valid date of publication is that upon which the names appear in the IJSB and not the date upon which they appeared in the original publication.

The underlying reason for this action is that there are over 800 microbiological publications in which papers dealing with nomenclatural matters may appear and it is economically impossible for any institution to acquire them all. The listing of all new names and combinations in one publication is a service to all bacteriologists and seems now to be generally accepted. The onus however remains with the authors to ensure that copies of their papers, published outside the IJSB, are promptly submitted to the IJSB for validation of the names.

New names are not `approved' by the ICSB. They are validated as new names as a result of conformity with the Rules of Nomenclature. The ICSB did not `approve' the names in the Approved Lists. The ICSB simply approved of the listing of the names in lists with a new starting date for the operation of the rules of priority in naming. The names accepted in the lists already had valid standing in nomenclature. Hence we have the "Approved Lists of Bacterial Names" and not "Lists of Approved Bacterial Names" as the title. Other names which were valid before 1980 were invalidated by omission, by consensus, from the lists mainly because it proved impossible to locate `Type' `Neotype' or authentic cultures.

The direction, under Item 9 (IJSB 30:230, 1980) that "no names will be added to or removed from the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names" was adopted by the ICSB in order to preserve the identity of the Lists as the starting point in a revised era of bacterial nomenclature, in much the same way as Linnaeus' "Species Plantarum" serves as the starting point of Botanical nomenclature. For this reason the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names will remain an independent publication.

As a further service to bacteriologists the editor of the IJSB has planned to produce and continually update lists of new names and new combinations, which will combine the information contained in the lists entitled "Validation of the Publication of New Names and New Combinations Previously Effectively Published Outside the IJSB", which appears in the issues of the IJSB. The first list of this kind appeared in the IJSB 32:146–149, 1982.

The ICSB is pleased to acknowledge the sterling services of Ms Vicki McGowan in the preparation of the Approved Lists and the amendments thereto and to thank the Department of Microbiology of the University of Queensland for its role in the generation of the Lists.

Brisbane, Australia, April 1989

Copyright © 1989, ASM Press.
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