Table 14Direct comparisons of long-term height and weight outcomes

StudyInterventions (mean dose) Duration Sample sizeAge
Gross 1976DEX 16.5 mg, n=12
6.8 years follow-up
MPH 34 mg, n=60
5.8 years follow-up
Mean age=9
82% male
Children/adolescents with hyperkinetic syndrome or minimal brain dysfunction
Change in percentile:
+10.9, P<0.01 vs. +12.8, P<0.001
Change in percentile:
+16.0, P<0.02 vs. +11.4, P<0.001
Safer 1972DEX
11.7 mg, n=3
11.8 mg, n=8
37.5 mg, n=4
24.0 mg, n=5
9 months follow-up
Mean age=9.8
Gender NR
NRWeight gain (kg): 0.23 vs. 0.12, t=1.8, P<0.05
Weight gain (excluding patients taking low-dose
MPH, n=16) (kg): 0.13 vs. 0.12, t=0.137, NS ON vs. OFF
Weight gain (kg) over a 3-month summer period: MPH= 0.29 vs. 0.41, t=0.526, P=NS; DEX= 0.14 vs. 0.47, t=2.523, P<0.01
Safer 1973DEX, n=29
MPH, n=20
Unmedicated controls, n=14
≥ 2 years follow-up
Mean dosages NR
Mean age NR
89.8% male in children on medication; 100% male in unmedicated control group
100% White
Change in percentile:
DEX: −13.45
MPH > 20 mg: −9.40
All MPH: −5.20
MPH ≤ 20 mg: −1.00
Controls: +1.29
DEX > MPH all-dose, low-dose and control groups
DEX=MPH high-dose group
MPH high-dose > controls
MPH all-dose and low-dose=controls
DEX; MPH: high-dose (> 20 mg), all, low-dose (≤ 20 mg); controls
Percentile changes in:
Weight: −20.38; −10.0, −6.35, −2.7, +6.79
DEX > all MPH dosage groups and controls; MPH high-dose and all doses > controls; MPH low-dose=controls
Pliszka 2006MPH, n=113
2.7 years follow-up
MAS, n=66
2.4 years follow-up
Mean dose NR
Mean age 9
81% male
Change in z-score:
MPH 0.1
MAS 0.1
Change in z-score:
MAS 0.3

Abbreviations: DEX, dextroamphetamine; MAS, mixed amphetamine salts; MPH, methylphenidate; NR, not reported; NS, not significant.

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