Supporting Table 4.The kinetic properties of AAC

Mechanism See ref. 27
Rate equationEqn. 1
Species, organ Rat heart mitochondria
Parameter Class notice
kf00.9Class 0 Velocity model (mp = 0, kf0 = kr0)
kr00.9Class 0 Velocity model (mp = 0)
Normalize2.21Class 0 Normalizing factor of kf0 and kr0
Kd1 5.9 x 10-4Class 3 Kd1 → Kd velocity model, Kd1 = Kd2
Kd2 5.9 x 10-4Class 3 Kd1 → Kd’ Kd is not effected by the membrane potentia
Cf3.30Class 0 Kf0 x exp(Cf x ψ) = kf(ψ)
Cf-3.34Class 0 Kr0 x exp(Cr x ψ) = kr(ψ)
T310.0 K Absolute temperature

Source of parameter estimation: Figure 2(B) V D→ (Δψ = 0mV, 180mV) in reference 27.

From: Dynamic Kinetic Modelling of Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism

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