As noted earlier, the Committee finds that this penultimate draft of the RA is a substantial improvement over past documents we have reviewed. In the terms in which our Statement of Task is written, the RA is now closer to reaching its goal of being “scientifically and technically sound” and, in general, addresses the concerns raised in the original NRC review of the “DSRASSA” document in 2007. While there are many approaches to preparing a risk assessment and in some aspects the Committee would have used approaches other than those found in this draft, this is no reason to fault the document. It is clear that NIH and the Blue Ribbon Panel have gone to unprecedented lengths to improve the risk assessment for the NIEDL and have made substantial advances. It is the Committee’s hope that the comments in this letter report will be taken as suggestions for improving the final draft report further. We wish NIH well as it moves into the next phases of this complex process and prepares for the solicitation of public comments on the final draft. It is the Committee’s view that no further advice from this group would be useful nor should it be required.