Slide 7. National Polyp Study Findings at Follow-Up.

Slide 7National Polyp Study Findings at Follow-Up

SLIDE 7 NOTES: Here are the results for the two arms. Arm B – the three-year surveillance protocol – had a 32 percent incidence of any adenoma and a 3.3 percent incidence of advanced adenoma. Arm B, on the other hand, had a higher cumulative incidence of adenomas (41.7 percent). However, the risk of advanced adenoma at three years is identical between the two arms (3.3 percent).

At the end of 6 years, the cumulative risk of any adenoma was 52 percent for Arm A and 48 percent for Arm B.

From: Appendix O, Colorectal Cancer Surveillance Testing After Polypectomy

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