The Forum on Microbial Threats and the IOM wish to express their warmest appreciation to the individuals and organizations who gave valuable time to provide information and advice to the Forum through their participation in the workshop.

The Forum is indebted to the IOM staff who contributed their time and efforts in planning and executing the workshop and the production of this workshop summary. On behalf of the Forum, we gratefully acknowledge the efforts led by Stacey Knobler, director of the Forum, and Marjan Najafi, research associate, coeditors of this report, who dedicated much effort and time to developing this workshop's agenda, and for their thoughtful and insightful approach and skill in translating the workshop proceedings and discussion into this workshop summary. We would also like to thank the following Academies staff and consultants for their valuable contributions to this activity: Rob Coppock, Tom Burroughs, Carlos Orr, Jennifer Bitticks, Bronwyn Schrecker, Sally Stanfield, Rachel Marcus, Beth Gyorgy, Patricia Cuff, Katherine Oberholtzer, and Laura Sivitz.

Finally, the Forum also thanks sponsors that supported this activity. Financial support for this project was provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Food and Drug Administration; U.S. Agency for International Development; U.S. Department of Defense; U.S. Department of State; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; U.S. Department of Agriculture; American Society for Microbiology; Burroughs Wellcome Fund; Ellison Medical Foundation; Pfizer; GlaxoSmithKline; and The Merck Company Foundation. The views presented in this workshop summary are those of the editors and workshop participants and are not necessarily those of the funding organizations.

Adel A.F. Mahmoud, Chair

Stanley M. Lemon, Vice-Chair

Forum on Microbial Threats