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Table 69Response to pharmacological treatment: findings of the network meta-analysis and of classical pair-wise comparisons versus placebo

DrugNetwork meta-analysis (results for 8 weeks)
Conditional response
Classical pair-wise meta-analysis – non-response
Pr of conditional response (95% CrI)Pr that drug is best in achieving response (in those who have not discontinued the drug due to side effects)HR versus placebo (95% CrI) – conditional responseRR versus placebo (95% CI) – non-response
Duloxetine0.651 (0.357, 0.919)0.3661.971 (1.549, 2.473)0.75 (0.62, 0.90)
Sertraline0.629 (0.329, 0.910)0.2771.859 (1.302, 2.591)0.70 (0.57, 0.86)
Venlafaxine XL0.616 (0.337, 0.892)0.1661.777 (1.482, 2.120)0.80 (0.71, 0.92)
Pregabalin0.590 (0.315, 0.872)0.0901.643 (1.349, 1.978)0.79 (0.73, 0.85)
Escitalopram0.579 (0.305, 0.870)0.0831.596 (1.237, 2.020)0.78 (0.63, 0.97)
Paroxetine0.519 (0.261, 0.822)0.0181.330 (1.059, 1.660)0.91 (0.73, 1.13)
Placebo0.428 (0.223, 0.684)0.000


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