S31(S13 and S30)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase40
S30(S14 or S15 or S16 or S17 or S18 or S19 or S20 or S21 or S22 or S23 or S24 or S25 or S26 or S27 or S28 or S29)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase16426
S29(TI immunoglobulin* or immuno globulin*) or (AB immunoglobulin* or immuno globulin*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase1814
S28(MH IMMUNOGLOBULINS)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase3008
S27(TI antibod*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase2081
S26(MH ANTIBODIES)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase1683
S25(TI total N3 hemolytic*) or (AB total N3 hemolytic*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase8
S24(TI total N3 haemolytic*) or (AB total N3 haemolytic*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase4
S23(TI properdin) or (AB properdin)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase3
S22(TI ch50 or ch 50) or (AB ch50 or ch 50)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase17
S21(TI complement) or (AB complement)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase1776
S20(MH COMPLEMENT)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase289
S19(MH IMMUNITY)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase1706
S18(TI immune compromised) or (AB immune compromised)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase26
S17(TI immunocompromised or immuno compromised) or (AB immunocompromised or immuno compromised)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase883
S16(MH IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase1171
S15(TI immune deficien*) or (AB immune deficien*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase590
S14(TI immunodeficien* or immuno deficien*) or (AB immunodeficien* or immuno deficien*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase4858
S13(S1 or S2 or S3 or S4 or S5 or S6 or S7 or S8 or S9 or S10 or S11 or S12)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase913
S12(TI meningococci*) or (AB meningococci*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase18
S11(TI meningococcus) or (AB meningococcus)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase20
S10(TI neisseria meningitid*) or (AB neisseria meningitid*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase103
S9(MH NEISSERIA INFECTIONS)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase50
S8(TI meningococcemi*) or (AB meningococcemi*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase40
S7(TI meningococcaemi*) or (AB meningococcaemi*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase6
S6(TI meningococcal N3 infection*) or (AB meningococcal N3 infection*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase44
S5(TI meningococcal N3 meningitis) or (AB meningococcal N3 meningitis)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase63
S4(TI meningococcal N3 septic?emi*) or (AB meningococcal N3 septic?emi*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase28
S3(TI meningococcal N3 disease*) or (AB meningococcal N3 disease*)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase258
S2(MH MENINGOCOCCAL INFECTIONS)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase583
S1(MH MENINGITIS, MENINGOCOCCAL)Search modes - Boolean/Phrase184

From: Appendix E, Search strategies

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