Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 1st Quarter 2008
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects 1st Quarter 2008

7(antibiotic$ or anti?bacterial$).ti.251
8(empiric adj2 (therapy or antibiotics)).tw.26
10(penicillin or abbocillin or ayercillin or benzopenicillin or benzylpenicillin or bicillin or cillora or cilloral or cilopen or compocillin or cosmopen or crystapen or crysticillin or dropcillin or galofak or gelacillin or liquacillin or megacillin or pentids or permapen or pfizerpen or pharmacillin or pradupen or specilline or ursopen or wycillin).tw.160
13(cefotaxime or cephotaxime or claforan or benaxima or biosint or cefotaxim or fotexina or klaforan or primafen or taporin).tw.43
15(ceftriaxone or ceftriazone or biotrakson or rocephine or rocephin or benaxona or cefatriaxone or cefaxona or ceftrex or ceftriaxon or lendacin or longacef or longaceph or rocefalin or rocefin or tacex or terbac).tw.56
17(cefuroxime or ancef or biofuroksym or cedax or cefizox or cefobid or cefotan or ceftin or cefurax or cefuril or cefzil or cepazine or cephuroxime or duricef or elobact or kefurox or kefzol or kerurox or ketocef or mandol or maxipime or mefoxin or monocid or oraxim or rocephin or sharox or velosef or zinacef or zinat or zinnat).tw.52
18(chloramphenicol or kemicetine).tw.35
20(amoxicillin or ampc or actimoxi or amoclen or amolin or amopen or amopenixin or amoxi or amoxi-mast or amoxibiotic or amoxiden or amoxil or amoxivet or anemolin or aspenil or biomox or bristamox or cemoxin or clamoxyl or delacillin or dispermox or efpenix or flemoxin or hiconcil or histocillin or hydroxyampicillin or ibiamox or imacillin or lamoxy or metafarma or metifarma or moxacin or moxal or ospamox or pamoxicillin or penamox or piramox or polymox or robamox or sawamox or sumox or tolodina or trimox or unicillin or utimox or vetramox or wymox or zimox).tw.139
22(ampicillin or ab-pc or acillin or adobacillin or alpen or amblosin or amcill or amfipen or aminobenzylpenicillin or amipenix or ampen or ampi or ampi-bol or ampi-co or ampi-tab or ampichel or ampicil or ampicin or ampifarm or ampikel or ampimed or ampipenin or ampiscel or ampisyn or ampivax or ampivet or amplacilina or amplin or amplipenyl or amplisom or amplital or ampy-penyl or austrapen or brl or binotal or bonapicillin or britacil or campicillin or cimex or copharcilin or d-cillin or delcillin or deripen or divercillin or doktacillin or duphacillin or geocillin or grampenil or guicitrina or guicitrine or lifeampil or morepen or norobrittin or novo-ampicillin or nuvapen or olin kid or omnipen or orbicilina or pen a or pen ampil or penbristol or penbritin or penbrock or penicline or penimic or pensyn or pentrex or pentrexl or pentrexyl or pfizerpen or polycillinor ponecil or princillin or principen or qidamp or racenacillin or ro-ampen or rosampline or roscillin or semicillin or servicillin or spectrobid or sumipanto or supen or synpenin or texcillin or tokiocillin or tolomol or totacillin or totalciclina or totapen or trifacilina or ukapen or ultrabion or ultrabron or vampen or viccillin or wylicil).tw.124
245 and 2334

From: Appendix E, Search strategies

Cover of Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia
Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia: Management of Bacterial Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia in Children and Young People Younger than 16 Years in Primary and Secondary Care.
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