Appendix CAppendix Tables for Key Questions 1–4

Appendix Table C1.1. Descriptive characteristics of the epidemiologic studies considered relevant to KQ1 (MS Word, 326K)

Appendix Table C1.2. Trends in prostate cancer incidence rates (per 100,000 unless otherwise stated) (MS Word, 311K)

Appendix Table C1.3. Trends in mortality rates (per 100,000 person-yr unless otherwise stated) or survival (MS Word, 240K)

Appendix Table C1.4. Patient characteristics—age (MS Word, 149K)

Appendix Table C1.5. Patient characteristics—comorbidity (MS Word, 67K)

Appendix Table C1.6. Patient characteristics—race/ethnicity (MS Word, 129K)

Appendix Table C1.7. Tumor characteristics—stage (MS Word, 153K)

Appendix Table C1.8. Tumor characteristics—Gleason score (MS Word, 124K)

Appendix Table C1.9. Tumor characteristics—PSA (MS Word, 91K)

Appendix Table C1.10. Diagnostic strategies—biopsy frequency (MS Word, 71K)

Appendix Table C1.11. Diagnostic strategies— number of cores (MS Word, 62K)

Appendix Table C1.12. Gofrit 2007, systematic review of the effect of histopathologic grading changes (MS Word, 64K)

Appendix Table C1.13. System characteristics—including, differences in geographical access, insurance, physician types, etc. (MS Word, 81K)

Appendix Table C1.14. Treatment characteristics—changes in treatment patterns over time (MS Word, 179K)

Appendix Table C2.1. Eligibility criteria, follow-up protocols, triggers for intervention and definition of progression in cohorts of active surveillance/ watchful waiting/other observational management strategies (MS Word, 317K)

Appendix Table C3.1 . Studies on offer, acceptance, and adherence of active surveillance (MS Word, 131K)

Appendix Table C3.2. KQ3 multivariable analyses (MS Word, 188K)

Appendix Table C3.3. Lin 2009, systematic review of patient decision aids (MS Word, 73K)

Appendix Table C4.1. Descriptive characteristics of the randomized controlled trials and comparative cohort studies considered relevant to KQ4 (MS Word, 169K)

Appendix Table C4.2. Comparison between watchful waiting and radical prostatectomy (MS Word, 170K)

Appendix Table C4.3. Comparison between watchful waiting and radiation therapy (MS Word, 120K)

Appendix Table C4.4. Comparison between watchful waiting and other active treatments (MS Word, 78K)

Appendix Table C4.5. Cost comparisons of watchful waiting with active treatments (MS Word, 92K)

Appendix Table C5.1. Proportion of patients on AS who went on to receive active treatments (MS Word, 77K)