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Integrated Biological and Biomedical Sciences Correlations

Average Pubs per FacAverage Cits/PubsPercent Fac With GrantsPercent Non- Asian Minority Core or NewPercent Female Core or NewAwards per facGRE AveragePercent Non- Asian Minority StudentsPercent Female StudentsAverage PhDs 2002 to 2006Average cohort completeTime to Degree Full and Part Time
Average Pubs per Fac1
Average Cits/Pubs0.4731
Percent Fac With Grants0.5790.3351
Percent Non-Asian Minority Core or New−0.131−0.074−0.0811
Percent Female Core or New−0.130−0.064−0.104−0.0061
Awards per fac0.5200.4850.334−0.123−0.1041
GRE Average0.4810.4740.248−0.015−0.1040.4121
Percent Non-Asian Minority Students0.086−0.0410.0480.529−0.035−0.020−0.0881
Percent Female Students−0.016−0.025−0.0510.0350.227−0.040−0.1860.0171
Average PhDs 2002 to 20060.4570.3560.4150.027−0.0990.4570.3340.088−0.0051
Average cohort complete0.0560.0210.014−0.2290.021−0.045−0.181−0.075−0.050−0.0331
Time to Degree Full and Part Time−0.1200.0580.040−0.1390.1160.1660.111−0.1800.0270.145−0.3621

From: D, Correlations in the Biomedical Sciences

Cover of Research-Doctorate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences
Research-Doctorate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences: Selected Findings from the NRC Assessment.
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