Figure 4: Taxonomy of Transitional Care Interventions for Stroke and Myocardial Infarction. Figure 4 shows the taxonomy of transitional care interventions for MI and stroke patients. It is a framework of structural characteristics of the different interventions or models of care delivery in this review including the type of transition, model type, recipient of the intervention, and facilitator or lead personnel delivering the intervention, the common content areas and activities including key processes common across model types, the method of contact between the recipient and the facilitator, the intensity and complexity of the intervention, and the domains of the outcomes of interest.

Figure 4Taxonomy of transition of care interventions for stroke and MI

*For this report, transitions from the acute hospital to another setting are included with the acute hospital-to-home interventions because the patient’s setting for initial contact and discharge were the same (acute hospital and home). The transition between settings (e.g., hospital to skilled nursing facility) was not the primary focus of any of the studies included in this report.

Abbreviations: APN = advanced practice nurse, MI = myocardial infarction, PT = physical therapist, OT = occupational therapist

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Transition of Care for Acute Stroke and Myocardial Infarction Patients: From Hospitalization to Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Secondary Prevention.
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