Table 2KQ1. Characteristics of parenting interventions

StudyInterventionLength of Intervention
Characteristics of Intervention
Mode of deliveryLocation of deliveryAdjunctive components
GroupIndividualSelf-directedHomeCommunityClinicDirect intervention with childParent mental healthMarital conflict
Bagner, 200728PCIT4m/0
Bor, 200219Triple-P15wk/1y
Bywater, 200926IYPP12wk/18m
Connell, 199717SDBI pre-Triple P10wk/4m
Cummings, 2008132SET-PC/IYPP14wk/1y
Cunningham, 1995133CBPT8wk/6m
Dadds, 199222CMT vs. CMT + AST pre-Triple P8wk/6m
Eyberg, 199534PCIT12wk/
Funderburk, 199833PCIT12wk/18m
Hood, 200329PCIT12wk/6y
Hutchings, 200725IYPP vs. WLC12wk/6m
Jones, 200724IYPP vs. WLC12wk/6m
Landy, 2006134HEAR15wk/0
Lavigne, 200823IYPP12wk/1y
Markie-Dadds, 200618Triple P17wk/6m
Markie-Dadds, 200616Triple P12wk/6m
Matos, 200930PCIT12w/3.5m
Nixon, 200332PCIT12wk/6m
Nixon, 200131PCIT12wk/6m
Pisterman, 1989135PBT12wk/3m
Pisterman, 1992136PBT12wk/3m
Pisterman, 1992137PBT12wk/3m
Sanders, 198520Triple-P7wk/3m
Sanders, 200721Triple-P15wk/3y
Shuhmann, 199835PCIT12wk/4m
Sonuga-Barke, 200136NFPP2m/15w
Sonuga-Barke, 200238NFPP2m/15w
Sonuga-Barke, 200437NFPP8wk/5wk
Thompson, 200939NFPP8wk/9wk
Weeks, 1997138NFPP8wk/0
Williford, 200827IYPP10wk/1y

Abbreviations: AST = Ally Support Training; CBPT = community-based parent behavior training; CMT = Child Management Training; HEAR = Helping Encourage Affect Regulation; IYPP = Incredible Years Parenting Program; m = month; MPH = methylphenidate; NFPP = New Forest Parenting Program; PBT = parent behavior training; PCIT = Parent Child Intervention Therapy; SDBI = self-directed behavioral intervention; SET-PC = Supportive Expressive Therapy – Parent Child; wk = week; Triple P = positive parenting of preschoolers; WLC = Wait List Control; y = year

From: Results

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