Table 78GDG judgment on combination drugs safety and efficacy in painless procedures

DRUG COMBINATIONRouteDoseAgeProcedureEfficacySafetyEvidence levelRef
IV F + M and IV FIVNot statedMean age of total sample was 4.8 years + 4.6ImagingNo adverse outcomes observedVery lowSanborn 2005198
IVPRO: 2 mg/kg after iv access + dilute PRO infusion at a rate of 80-140 mcg/kg/min

CH: children <1 y 75 mg/kg (max 2g)
<1 mo to 17y
PRO range: <1 mo-to 17y
CH range: <1 mo to 7 y
Scans of the head, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and spineNot reportedWell toleratedVery lowMerola 1995168
S+ N20inhal1.8-2% sevoflurane; 50% N201 day-12 monthsMRIEffectiveWell toleratedLowDe Sanctis Briggs 200551

From: 6, Drugs for sedation in infants, children and young people

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