Box 73Determining the publisher if there is no standard title page

Some journals on the Internet do not display a traditional title page that clearly states the name of the publisher. When there is no title page:

  • Look for the publisher at the top, bottom, or sidebar of the first screen or the bottom of the last screen of the journal's site
  • Look for the name after a copyright statement, e.g., copyright 2006 by the American Chemical Society
  • Try to obtain it from a link within the site, usually under a "contact us" or similar link
  • Look in the source code for the journal if it is displayed by the Web browser
  • If wording such as "this site is maintained by XYZ Corporation for ABC Organization" appears, use ABC Organization as the publisher and XYZ Corporation as the distributor. Publisher information is required in a citation; distributor information may be included as a note.
  • If no publisher can be identified, use [publisher unknown]
    • The International Journal of Forensic Psychology [Internet]. [Australia]: [publisher unknown]. Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2003 -   [cited 2007 Jan 25]. Available from:

From: Chapter 23, Journals on the Internet

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