Box 56Articles that are videocasts or podcasts

If the entire article (not just a portion of one) is available as a videocast or podcast:

  • Enter the word Videocast or Podcast followed by a colon and a space
  • Give extent as the number of minutes needed to view/listen
  • Precede the extent with the word "about" unless the time is supplied in the article
  • Abbreviate minutes to min.
  • Place the information in square brackets followed by a period outside the closing bracket
    • Tilson J. Commentary on Perry SB, et al., Predicting caregiver assistance required for sit-to-stand following rehabilitation for acute stroke. J Neurol Phys Ther [Internet]. 2006 Mar [cited 2007 Jan 8];30(1):[Podcast: about 3 min.]. Available from:

From: Chapter 23, Journals on the Internet

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