Box 108Contribution has a date of publication or date of update/revision that differs from the book as a whole

Contributions may be published with individual dates separate from the date of the book as a whole or may be updated or otherwise revised separately from book as a whole. When this occurs:

  • Give a separate date of publication and/or date of update/revision after the title for the contribution
  • Place the date of citation after the above date(s), not after the date(s) of the book
  • Keep the date of publication and any dates of update/revision of the book in their usual place
    • Smith J, Jones C. Endoscopic management of choledochocele. 2005 Dec [updated 2007 Jan 15; cited 2007 Feb 23]. In:
    • Carter TY, Spence DT. Management of secondary hyperparathyroidism. [revised 2006 Mar; cited 2007 Feb 23]. In:

From: Chapter 22, Books and Other Individual Titles on the Internet

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