Box 90Messages containing an attachment

If the message contains an attachment in the form of a file or a video, videocast, or podcast:

  • Begin with the phrase "Accompanied by" followed by a colon and a space
  • Give the number and type of items
    • 2 Word files
    • 1 PowerPoint file
    • 1 videocast
  • Follow the number and type with a comma and the extent of the attachment, if desired
    • Accompanied by: 1 GIF file, 20KB.
    • Accompanied by: 1 PDF file, 5 p.
    • Accompanied by: 1 videocast, 3 min.
  • End with a period
  • Place accompanying information after the date of citation and any extent provided
    • Karns M. Africa goes into negative food balance. In: AFRO-NETS [Internet]. Watertown (MA): AED-SATELLIFE; 2003 May 4 [cited 2007 Apr 25]. 19.55 KB. Accompanied by: 1 GIF file, 20KB. Available from:

From: Chapter 26, Electronic Mail and Discussion Forums

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