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Box 64Locations outside of the US

  • Use the anglicized form of a city name, such as Rome for Roma and Moscow for Moskva, whenever possible. However, the name as found on the manuscript may always be used.
  • Follow Canadian cities with the two-letter abbreviation for the name of the province (see Appendix E)
    • Montreal, QC
    • Ottawa, ON
    • Vancouver, BC
  • Follow cities in other countries with the country name, either written in full or as the two-letter ISO country code (see Appendix D)
    • Rome, Italy   or   Rome, IT
    • Malaga, Spain   or   Malaga, ES
    • Basel, Switzerland   or   Basel, CH
    • Oxford, England   or   Oxford, GB
  • Be consistent. If you choose an angelicized form for a city name or choose a country code, use that same form or code throughout all references.

From: Chapter 14, Manuscripts

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