Box 54Bibliography accompanied by a videocassette, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.

  • If a bibliography has supplemental material accompanying it in the form of a videocassette, CD-ROM, DVD, or another medium, begin by citing the book. Add the phrase "Accompanied by:" followed by a space and the number and type of medium.
    • Jones R, editor. Bibliography of commonwealth apiculture. London: Commonwealth Secretariat; 2005. 348 p. Accompanied by: 1 CD-ROM.
    • Sacks JM, Bilaniuk MT, Gendron JM, editors. Bibliography of psychodrama: inception to date. New York: Psychodrama Center of New York; c1995. 129 p. Accompanied by: 2 disks: 3 1/2 in. One disk is for an IBM Personal Computer, the other is for a Macintosh.

From: Chapter 6, Bibliographies

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