Box 67Non-English names for publishers

  • Give publisher names appearing in the roman alphabet (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) in their original language
    • Rome: Societa Editrice Universo.
    • Lisbon: Imprensa Medica.
  • Romanize names given in Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew
    • Sofia (Bulgaria): Sofia Medizina i Fizkultura.
  • Romanize names or translate names presented in character-based languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). Place all translated publisher names in square brackets unless the translation will be given in the publication.
    • Tokyo: Medikaru Rebyusha.
    • Beijing (China): [Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Population Research Institute].
    • Taiyuan (China): Shanxi ke xue ji she chu ban she.
    • [Note that the concept of capitalization does not exist in Chinese. Therefore in transliterating Chinese publisher names only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized.]
  • Ignore diacritics, accents, and special characters in names. This rule ignores some conventions used in non-English languages to simplify rules for English-language publications.
    • Treat letters marked with diacritics or accents as if they are not marked
      • Å   treated as   A
      • Ø   treated as   O
      • Ç   treated as   C
      • Ł   treated as   L
      • à   treated as   a
      • ĝ   treated as   g
      • ñ   treated as   n
      • ü   treated as   u
    • Treat two or more letters printed as a unit (ligated letters) as if they are two letters
      • æ   treated as   ae
      • œ   treated as   oe
  • If desired, follow a non-English name with a translation. Place all translated publisher names in square brackets.
    • Aarhus (Denmark): Aarhus-Universitetsforlag [Aarhus University Press].
  • If the name of a division of other part of an organization is included in the publisher information, give the names in hierarchical order from highest to lowest
    • Valencia (Spain): Universidade de Valencia, Instituto de Historia de la Ciencia y Documentacion Lopez Pinero.
  • As an option, you may translate all publisher names not in English. Place all translated publisher names in square brackets unless the translation will be given in the publication.
    • Aarhus (Denmark): [Aarhus University Press].

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