Estimate of the number of children and adolescents suffering from a mental disorder in France*

Age range (years)
0–2 3–5 6–10 11–14 15–19 Total1
Autism and other PPD22,9695,88210,2018,49110,83238,374
Anxiety disorders35,740186,830155,505198,385576,459
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorders1,62419,83921,583

1 Because of a significant tendency to comorbidity (one subject often suffers from several disorders simultaneously), the numbers in the individual columns cannot be added together to obtain an assessment of the global morbidity connected with these disorders. 2 PPD, pervasive developmental disorders; ADHD, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; OCD, obsessive–compulsive disorder.

From: Mental disorders: Children and adolescents screening and prevention

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