Table 6.IISignificant SNPs-cancer associations demonstrated by synthetic studies (from Houlston and Peto, 2004)

CancerPolymorphismOR [95% CI]Number of studiesTotal number of casesReference
ColorectalAPC I130K1.77 [1.30–2.41]3670 Houlston and Tomlinson, 2001
HRAS1-VNTR2.50 [1.54–4.05]5394 Houlston and Tomlinson, 2001
MTHFR Ala677Val0.77 [0,64–0,93]41 949 Houlston and Tomlinson, 2001
BreastCYP19(TTTA)122.33 [1.36–4.17]31 404 Dunning et al., 1999
GSTP1 Ile105Val1.60 [1.08–2.39]2172 Dunning et al., 1999
TP53 Arg72Pro1.27 [1.02–1.59]3412 Dunning et al., 1999
BladderNAT21.40 [1.2–1.6]222 496 Marcus et al., 2000
GSTM1 deletion1.44 [1.23–1.68]172 149 Engel et al., 2002
LungGSTM1 deletion1.17 [1.07–1.27]437 463 Benhamou et al., 2002

From: Cancer: A methodological approach for studying the link between cancer and the environment

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