Table IIIComparison of operations for ulcerative colitis (modified from: Kelly KA, Dozois RR (1990) Chronic ulcerative colitis. In: Moody FG (ed) Surgical treatment of digestive diseases. 2nd ed. Year Book Medical Publishers, Chicago, pp 59–131)

ProcedureFaecal continence preservedPermanent stomaIntubation requiredResidual diseased mucosaDisadvantages
Ileal pouch-anal anastomosisyesnononofrequent bowel motions occasional faecal leak pouchitis
Kock pouchyesyesyesnovalve dysfunction, pouchitis
Ileorectal anastomosisyesnonoyesproctitis risk of rectal Ca
Brooke ileostomynoyesnonoileostomy bag

From: Surgical management of ulcerative colitis

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