Figure 2. Representation of components of the genetic regulatory network.

Figure 2

Representation of components of the genetic regulatory network. Underlying the cellular response to an external stimulus (indicated by the dashed grey arrow), the genetic regulatory network consists of multiple network motifs and each motif represents a set of transcription factors that regulate a gene module. Gene modules exhibit significant expression similarity across at least 500 microarray experiments.44 In this example, ‘Motif 1’ is a feed-forward loop between the gene products of SWI6 and SWI4 that regulate a ‘Gene Module’ of 9 genes that are over represented in the cellular process of cell fate and differentiation. In addition, three other network motifs and their respective gene modules are indicated. Such combinatorial gene module regulation is thought to coordinate the resultant cellular response.

From: Microarrays and Gene Regulation Networks in Yeast

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