Figure 2. The three D.

Figure 2

The three D. melanogaster telomere retrotransposons drawn as their putative RNA transposition intermediates. Coding regions, Gag and Pol, are labeled. Gray regions indicate 5' and 3' untranslated regions. AAAA indicates the 3' poly(A) tail on each RNA. It is the source of the (dA/T)n that joins each DNA copy to the chromosome when the element transposes. Sizes are only approximate because individual elements can differ in length of both coding and noncoding regions. HeT-A elements are˜6 kb. The 5' end of TART has not been completely defined but subfamilies appear to be 10-13 kb. Tahre is˜10.5 kb.

From: Drosophila Telomeres: A Variation on the Telomerase Theme

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