Figure 6. Linking Ras to Rho.

Figure 6

Linking Ras to Rho. Three main pathways relate Ras signalling events to Rho. Growth factor mediated activation of Sos leads to Ras activation which can (1) activate RalGEF/Ral pathway, leading to activation of a RhoGAP and inhibition of Rho activation. (2) Ras activation of PI3K may lead to Rho activation by lipid second messenger-mediated Dbl stimulation. (3) The Ras exchanger Sos1 associates with the newly described E3b1/Eps8 proteins, which have been shown to bind the Rho GTPase Rac1, and may modulate its activity.

From: Rho Family GTPases and Cellular Transformation

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