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Table 8. Nodular Lymphocyte-Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma

Chemotherapy (No. of Cycles)aRadiation (Gy)No. of PatientsEvent-Free Survival (No. of Years of Follow-up)Survival (No. of Years of Follow-up)
COPP/ABV (4)b [23]None 5296% (5)100% (5)
IFRT (21)29100% (5)
CVP (3) [46]None5574% (5)100% (5)
VAMP (4)c [50]None 2687.5% (5)N/A
IFRT (25)6
VAMP (4) [42]IFRT (15–25.5)33100% (10)100% (10)
Noned [21] None 5167% (2)100% (2)
DBVE (2–4)c [44]None 26 94% (8)100% (8)
IFRT (25.5)

IFRT = involved-field radiation therapy; N/A = not applicable; No. = number.

aRefer to Table 4 for more information about the chemotherapy regimens.

bAllocation to radiation therapy or no radiation therapy based on response to therapy.

cAllocation based on clinical response.

dAll involved lymph nodes surgically resected.

From: Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment (PDQ®)

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