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National Clinical Guideline Centre (UK). Delirium: Diagnosis, Prevention and Management [Internet]. London: Royal College of Physicians (UK); 2010 Jul. (NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 103.)

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Delirium: Diagnosis, Prevention and Management [Internet].

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Appendix GExcluded studies (part A) and excluded studies reference list (part B)

Appendix G. Excluded Studies

Diagnostic Test Accuracy

StudyReason for exclusion
Adamis 2005Reference standard not of interest
Bergeron 2001Index test not of interest
Cacchione 2002Index test not of interest
Cameron 1987Not a diagnostic test accuracy study
de Negriros 2008Reference standard not of interest
de Rooij 2006Not relevant outcome
Hare 2008Not a diagnostic test accuracy study
Immers 2005Index test not of interest
Inouye 2005Index test not of interest
Meagher 2008Not a diagnostic test accuracy study
O’Keeffe 1994Index test not of interest
Rockwood 1996Index test not of interest
RosenReference standard not of interest
Ruffo 2002Not a diagnostic test accuracy study
Swain 2000Reference standard not of interest
Treloar 1997Index test not of interest
Trzepacz 2001Not a diagnostic test accuracy study
Voyer 2009Not relevant outcome
Wei 2008Review

Appendix G: References to excluded studies

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