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TABLE S-1Overview of the Specific Aspects of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Infrastructure Addressed in This Publication's Manuscript

ChapterManuscript and Author(s)CER Research Methods and SettingsClinical Data Development and UseHealth Information TechnologyEvidence Review and SynthesisCoordination and DisseminationWorkforce Education and TrainingInternational CER Efforts
1The Nation's Need for Evidence on Comparative Effectiveness in Health Care: Learning What Works Best
J. Michael McGinnis et al.
A Vision for the Capacity to Learn What Care Works Best
Mark B. McClellan
The Potential Returns from Evidence-Driven Health Care
Gail R. Wilensky
2The Cost and Volume of Comparative Effectiveness Research
Erin Holve and Patricia Pitman
Intervention Studies That Need to Be Conducted
Douglas B. Kamerow
Clinical Data Sets That Need to Be Mined
Jesse A. Berlin and Paul E. Stang
Knowledge Synthesis and Translation That Need to Be Applied
Richard A. Justman
Methods That Need to Be Developed
Eugene H. Blackstone et al.
Coordination and Technical Assistance That Need to Be Supported
Jean R. Slutsky
3Electronic Health Records: Needs, Status, and Costs for U.S. Healthcare Delivery Organizations
Robert H. Miller
Data and Information Hub Requirements
Carol C. Diamond
Integrative Vehicles Required for Evidence Review and Dissemination
Lorne A. Becker
4Comparative Effectiveness Workforce—Framework and Assessment
William R. Hersh et al.
Toward an Integrated Enterprise— The Ontario, Canada, Case
Sean R. Tunis et al.
5Information Technology Platform Requirements
Mark E. Frisse
Data Resource Development and Analysis Improvement
T. Bruce Ferguson, Jr., and Ansar Hassan
Practical Challenges and Infrastructure Priorities for Comparative Effectiveness Research
Daniel E. Ford
Transforming Health Professions Education
Benjamin K. Chu
Building the Training Capacity for a Health Research Workforce of the Future
Steven A. Wartman and Claire Pomeroy
Public–Private Partnerships
Carmella A. Bocchino et al.
6The Roadmap—Policies, Priorities, Strategies, and Sequencing
Stuart Guterman et al.

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Cover of Learning What Works
Learning What Works: Infrastructure Required for Comparative Effectiveness Research: Workshop Summary.
Institute of Medicine (US) Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care.
Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2011.
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