Table 1. Guidelines for health care providers exposed to bloodborne pathogens

In accordance with OSHA rules and regulations, the following rules apply for health care workers doing phlebotomy:

  1. Disposable (single use) gloves must be made available to all health care workers.
  2. Contaminated needles and other sharps shall not be recapped or removed, unless no alternative is feasible.
  3. Any recapping or needle removal must be done with a mechanical device or one-handed technique.
  4. Any contaminated needle or sharp that is being disposed of must be placed in an appropriate, approved disposal that is readily available.
  5. Gloves shall be worn when it is anticipated that the employee may have contact with blood, other potentially infectious materials, mucous membranes, and nonintact skin; when performing vascular access procedures including phlebotomy; and when handling or touching contaminated items or surfaces.
  6. Employers must implement and enforce the OSHA Rules and Regulations (Part 1910 of title 29 CFR, Section 1910.1030 - Bloodborne Pathogens).

From: Chapter 12 - Viral Hepatitis B

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