Figure 3-10. Preparing the Group for a New Member From a Racial/Ethnic Minority

To promote cohesion, a positive group quality stemming from a sense of solidarity within the group, the group leader should

  • Inform the group members in advance that people from a variety of backgrounds and racial and ethnic groups will be in the group.
  • Discuss the differences at appropriate times in a sensitive way to provide an atmosphere of openness and tolerance.
  • Set the tone for an open discussion of differences in beliefs and feelings.
  • Help clients adapt to and cope with prejudice in effective ways, while maintaining their self‐esteem.
  • Integrate new clients into the group slowly, letting them set their own pace.
  • When new members start to make comments about others or to accept feedback, encourage more participation.

From: 3 Criteria for the Placement of Clients in Groups

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