Table 1aEvidence for nuclear APC

ObservationCell line(s)AntibodiesRef
APC in nuclear puncta by immunofluorescence (IF) microscopy (also cytoplasmic and at leading edge)184A1, T47DAb-2,-4,-6, APC641
Cell fractionation/immunoblot:LS174T, HCT116Ab-1, -21
APC in nuclear and nuclear matrix fractions truncated APC not in nuclear fractionsDLD-1Ab-11
APC in nuclei of murine villus epithelial cells IF with confocal microscopymouse tissueα-APC2 (middle)5
APC in nuclei of human colonic epithelial cells IF with confocal microscopyhuman tissue, 50 patient samples10 different6
APC in nuclei of human colonic epithelial cells Immunogold electron microscopyhuman tissueC-APC 28.97
Nuclear APC colocalizes with rRNA (nucleoli)184A1Ab-41
APC in nucleoli when ectopically expressed, and nuclear export inhibited by leptomycin B (LMB)3T3, HCT116Ab-78

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