Table 7. Radiographic absorptiometry characteristicsa

Equipment costExisting x-ray equipment/gservice: $60
Scan charges$90-$160
Scan siteHand
Scan time5-10 min
Measurement unitsMass per unit area (g/gcm2)
Precision error (CV)b 2-4%
Accuracy errorc 5-10%
Radiation sourceX-ray
Radiation exposure10-100 mrem

a Adapted from Erlichman, (4) Huddleston, (53) Colbert et al, (107) and Cohn.(108)

b Demonstrated by repeat measurements on phantom hands and patient controls.

c Demonstrated on ashed bones and aluminum standards. Radiographic absorptiometry was developed in an attempt to circumvent some of the inherent limitations and errors in the use of an x-ray image to measure bone mass.

From: Bone Densitometry: Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease

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