Table 3Summary of the subunit composition of kinesin family members involved in carrier motility

Kinesin-1Kinesin heavy chains2Reviewed in refs.
Tetramers of two KIF5BUbiquitous
identical heavy chainsKIF5CNeuronal
and two identicalKinesin light chains2In mammals three KLC genes exist.
light chains.KLC1KLC1 has multiple splicing
KLC2isoforms. Only one isoform is possible in the kinesin-1 complex. KLCs bind C-terminus of heavy chains.
KLC3Expression only in testis
Kinesin-2Kinesin heavy chains2
Heterotrimer of twoKIF3A KIF3A forms complex with eitherReviewed in ref. 170
different motor subunitsKIF3BKIF3B (ubiquitous) or KIF3C (neuronal).
and one associated proteinKIF3CKIF3B does not bind KIF3C.
Kinesin associated proteins1Only 1 isoform possible in the kinesin-2
KAP3Acomplex. KAP proteins bind C-terminus
KAP3Bof heavy chains
Kinesin-3KIF1A1All family members are either monomeric,Reviewed in refs. 168,169
All members haveKIF1Bα and β splicing isoforms1 / 2or homo-dimers. KIF1A forms dimers at
only one subunitKIF1C1 / 2high protein concentrations.
typeKIF13A1ref. 109
KIF16B2ref. 118

From: Carrier Motility

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