Figure 1. Repeat protein architectures.

Figure 1

Repeat protein architectures. Interaction partners are colored in grey. (a) ANK: the ternary complex between p18INK4c, Cdk6 and K-cyclin (1G3N). (b) ANK: The transcription factor complex between NFκB and IκBα (1IKN) (c) TPR: The TPR domain from protein phosphatase 5 in complex with an Hsp90 derived peptide (2BUG) (d) HEAT: Importin β interacting with the IBB peptide of Importin α (1QGK) (e) ARM: Importin α in complex with the NLS peptide (1EE5). (f) β-helix of an antifreeze protein from the Tenebrio molitor beetle (1EZG) (g) LRR: The porcine ribonuclease inhibitor (2BNH) (h) WD40: WDR5/Histone H3 complex (2H13). A color version of this figure is available online at

From: From Artificial Antibodies to Nanosprings:The Biophysical Properties of Repeat Proteins

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