Table 6Randomized trials with RF capacitive coupled heating devices

Tumor SiteExperimentalControlNo. of PtsOR [%] ControlOR [%] with HTSurvival BenefitRef.
CervixRT + HTRT654666n.d.57
CervixRT + HTRT663572n.d.58
CervixRT + HTRT375383n.d.59
CervixRT + HTRT405085Yes60
ColorectalRT + HTRT241043n.d26
GastricRT + HTRT29335,557,633
ColorectalRT + HTHT713654Yes61
BladderRT + HTHT494883Yes62

Abbreviations: RT: radiotherapy; CT: chemotherapy; HT: hyperthermia; OR: overall response; Obs: open-label observational study; RCT: randomized controlled trial; n.d.: not defined.

From: Locoregional Hyperthermia

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